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Welcome to iconperfect! This is the icons/graphics journal of loveangels. It is members only, meaning that all graphics and icons posted will only be viewable to the members of this community. If you would like to see my icons, you may join the community by clicking here. Please also add this community to your friends list to be able to see all of the posts on your friends page.

1. You MUST credit me. For icons, "icon by <lj user="loveangels">" or "icon by <lj user="iconperfect">" in your icon keywords or comments is fine.

2. You must comment if you're taking anything. I like to see who's using my stuff. Plus, it's common courtesy, in my opinion.

3. DO NOT HOTLINK. It's bad and it's stealing my bandwidth.

4. Do not claim any of my stuff as your own.

5. Do not edit any of my graphics unless I state otherwise.

6. You are only allowed to use my graphics on LiveJournal and GreatestJournal (provided you credit "iconperfect at LiveJournal"). Do not use my icons or graphics on Xanga or any other site.

Also: Feedback is WONDERFUL. It helps me improve and also see what other people like. (:

- Jenn

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