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Tutorial 1

I had a request to make a tutorial for making skin smooth in icons. So here's one, embedded in a full icon tutorial.

Learn to make this icon:

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, but seeing as it's not a particularly complicated tutorial, it should translate easily over to other programs.

- Please, let me know if this is helpful to you! Feedback is appreciated very much.
- Pretty obvious, but don't copy directly, just use this as a guide to make your own icons.
- Show me your work if you decide to follow this tutorial! I'd love to see.
- You may most definitely take this icon for use on LJ or GJ, just make sure to credit me in keywords.
- Click here to join iconperfect.

We start off with this image:
Credit to Veritaserum for the image.

Resize it, for this icon, I resized it to 35%, and cropped it like so:

Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen twice:

Now, we see the image quality is not so nice, and we want her skin to be smooth. Take the blur tool, set at 5px, hardness 0%, and go over her skin until it looks smooth. I also blurred the hair a little as well because it looked too grainy. After that, I used the sharpen tool, also set at 5-7px, and went over the eyes.

Duplicate the layer, and set the top layer to Overlay, 100% opacity.

You can actually stop here and add your text, decorations, and whatnot. However, I wanted to play with the color some more so here's what I came up with.

Create a new layer and flood fill with white (#FFFFFF). Set layer at Saturation with 30% opacity. On top of that, create a new layer and flood fill with a light blue. I used #B4E7ED. Set the layer at Color Burn, 70% opacity.

Add text. I used Arial Black set at 1pt for tiny text, white, and just typed random words. Then, I used a green-ish color to match her shirt at the bottom of the icon (#6C9272). The font I used was Harrison, and it's just a lowercase 'x'. Then, add a 1px white border, and you're done.

Hope that made sense! It's my first tutorial, so I hope it's helpful.
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