moved (shooting__stars) wrote in iconperfect,

Tutorial 1

I had a request to make a tutorial for making skin smooth in icons. So here's one, embedded in a full icon tutorial.

Learn to make this icon:

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, but seeing as it's not a particularly complicated tutorial, it should translate easily over to other programs.

- Please, let me know if this is helpful to you! Feedback is appreciated very much.
- Pretty obvious, but don't copy directly, just use this as a guide to make your own icons.
- Show me your work if you decide to follow this tutorial! I'd love to see.
- You may most definitely take this icon for use on LJ or GJ, just make sure to credit me in keywords.
- Click here to join iconperfect.

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I love the effect, and it's so simple! Beautiful, thanks :)
Very nice. Added to my memories.
Cool tut! Def saving to mems!! :)
I love the tut!!! Its was really nice && easy

Image hosted by
That was the first one
Image hosted by
The second one i made!

They're both awesome. :)
Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing!
Great tutorial, am adding to memories and shall test it out
I love this tutorial! See my userpic <- for resault!
Aww, I love that icon. :)
thank you so much for this tut !!!
peace .
This was a really nice tutorial - even though the blur and sharpness tools about the eyes and lips had me lost - I have psp7, but I thought the extra bit about adding the layer of white at Saturation was a really cool idea and I had fun playing around, which is what a good tutorial should do. ;)

Here's what I came up with -

Image hosted by

So thank you!
Love the icon. ^^

And I'm glad you liked it. (:
I love your tutorial! This is the one I made following it verbatim...

Image hosted by
Very cute. (:

Glad you liked it. n_n
Thanks for the tutorial, Jenn! I was wondering how you did that. :D Here's what I got:

Image hosted by

I have a question. Did you do the same thing with your default Ashley icon?
Pretty. ♥

Yep, I was experimenting. Well, I did the blur thing, but I didn't do the same thing with the layers after that. I kinda like that one better though; I should have made the tutorial with the Ashley one. XD But oh well, I had already made the tutorial before I made this icon. And a few of my other icons that I should get posted here sometime.

Wow, that was a long comment.

OMG! I didn't know there was a sharpen tool in PSE 2! *happy squeal* Yay! Thanks for informing me... I thought it was a PS only thing. There goes my pessimistic streak again. XD

By the way, great tutorial, and a beautiful product! PSE users unite! *high fives*
It was very useful...very much thank you's :)
*-* OMG!!! I love this tutorial >D!
Thanks you so much!
great tutorial, but i use PSP9, and there isn't a blur brush (at least that i know of) on it , so i can't use this tutorial. Maybe you could link to another one or you could make one? That's be awesome <3
Sorry, I don't have PSP 9 so I can't make another tutorial -- maybe try searching through icon_tutorial? Hmm, I'm surprised PSP 9 doesn't have a blur brush though.

Again, sorry, I thought this tutorial would easily translate over to other programs, but maybe not.
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